As the cost of traditional energy sources increases, more people are considering alternative energy sources.

Hindsun has partnered with over 100 institutions, including schools, universities, and non-profit organizations, to implement solar energy systems and meet their power needs.

Solar systems in schools and colleges not only provide sustainable power but also offer students the chance to learn about and adopt the principles of sustainable solar power and environmental conservation, as provided by Hindsun.

Hindsun offers a variety of solutions, including financial assistance, to support all institutions in their transition towards a greener future.

Hindsun Solar Mate calculates power and savings on bills.


  • 1Hindsun offers tailored solutions from kW to MW.
  • 2 We lived the life of the solar product, a unique experience for a company in this field.
  • 3 Management of asset throughout its lifecycle.
  • 4 We offer various business models to meet your needs.
    • - Capex

    • - PPA/OPEX (Pay as You Go Model)

    • - Lease financing

    • - Debt financing


  • 1 Hedge against rising energy costs
  • 2 Scalable design for easy upgrades
  • 3 RPO Compliance
  • 4 Self-reliance
  • 4 Green Commitment

Solar Rooftop Process