Expertise of Hindsun ensures optimal plant performance.

As India's utility-scale PV industry continues to grow, there is an increasing demand for well-managed operation and maintenance (O&M) services to ensure compliance with regulations and maintain expected plant performance. As solar PV grid-connected plants gain acceptance in both commercial and industrial applications, Hindsun has the necessary capabilities and experience in all aspects of solar plant O&M to ensure optimal power delivery.

What we offer?

For the past five (5) years, Hindsun has had unparalleled experience in managing and maintaining large utility-scale projects and solar rooftops. We also provide hardware and service monitoring based on the German solar-log data logger platform

Cutting-edge Network Operations Centre.

Hindsun has established a network operations center to monitor and maintain solar rooftops, providing customers with instant business insights as an added value. Additionally, Hindsun manages and maintains rooftop solar projects for corporate clients.