Companies like Hindsun are seeking eco-friendly options to lower their energy expenses.

Hindsun can help you save money and protect the environment by using solar power. Solar panels are installed on unused rooftop space and don't need much upkeep, making it a great investment. This not only benefits your savings, but it also has a significant positive effect on the environment.

Hindsun is a top provider of industrial solar rooftop solutions. By investing in their customized solutions, you can lower your electricity costs and see a return on your investment. Hindsun's state-of-the-art technology has helped many industrial, commercial, and institutional customers implement sustainable solar power solutions, which not only reduces their carbon footprint but also makes financial sense for them.

At Hindsun, safety is a top priority and a key factor that sets us apart from others. We ensure safety is integrated into the core product design and is also a key consideration during the installation of industrial solar rooftop. We believe that safety is an important value that must be upheld at all times.

Begin your solar journey with Hindsun today. All you need is a rooftop space, where we can install your green power system.

Hindsun Solar Mate calculates power and savings on bills.

Hindsun and partners, give many ways to pay for home solar.


  • 1Hindsun offers tailored solutions from kW to MW.
  • 2 We lived the life of the solar product, a unique experience for a company in this field.
  • 3 Management of asset throughout its lifecycle.
  • 4 We offer various business models to meet your needs.
    • - Capex

    • - PPA/OPEX (Pay as You Go Model)

    • - Lease financing

    • - Debt financing


  • 1 Hedge against rising energy costs
  • 2 Scalable design for easy upgrades
  • 3 RPO Compliance
  • 4 Self-reliance
  • 4 Green Commitment